Who Are We and Why Would You Use Us?​

Who Are We?

DB Strategic Consulting was set up by David Bermingham in October 2012.  Although David is the focal point of the business, he is able to draw on the skills and experience of a number of individuals depending upon the nature of the assignment.

David was one of the 'NatWest Three', accused by the US Government in 2002 of conspiring to defraud his former employer, NatWest Bank, in a deal involving the former CEO of Enron Corp.  After a long and very public battle against the UK's new extradition laws, he was extradited to America in July 2006.  He entered into a plea agreement with the US Department of Justice in November 2007, and in February 2008 was sentenced to 37 months in prison.  He was repatriated to the UK after 6 months and served time in 10 different prisons in the US and the UK before his final release from custody in February 2010.


Since his release, David has continued to campaign for a change to the UK's extradition laws.  He has quite literally written the book on extradition, entitled A Price to Pay, and has appeared before two Parliamentary Select Committee inquiries.  He has written for all of the major UK newspapers on the subject.  He also appears frequently on TV, and regularly gives keynote speeches to major corporate conferences both on the topic of extradition, and the US regulatory and enforcement regimes. 

Having lived through an experience that lasted in total eight years, and involved being enmeshed in the 21st Century's greatest corporate scandal, David's knowledge of almost every conceivable relevant aspect of US law enforcement (both civil and criminal), extradition, the plea bargaining system, imprisonment and repatriation to the UK is unparalleled.

With a degree in law from Bristol University, a period as an officer in the Royal Artillery, and a 12 year career in the City of London behind him, David understands exactly how major corporates work, and the competing pressures on them in times of crisis.

David is privileged to have access to a number of individuals whose skills sets are complementary to his.  These include senior businessmen who have experienced US enforcement action, and in some cases imprisonment.  David also has a very close working relationship with Bell-Yard Communications, a litigation PR firm with whom he has worked very closely on all US extradition matters since 2004, and whose working knowledge of the subject matter, and the media and politics thereof, is phenomenal. 

Why Use Us?

  • Because we've been there, seen it, and done it all before.

  • Because we're a one-stop shop.

  • Because no other organisation or professional firm can offer the personal insights that we can.

  • Because sometimes legal advice on its own isn't enough.

  • Because we work confidentially and discreetly.

  • Because we genuinely can make a difference, and have no axe to grind.

  • Because when all's said and done you simply can't afford not to.


"David was the first person I turned to after the extradition warrant was served on Richard.  Huge thanks to David as without his advice Richard may well have found himself being extadited to the US. 

I would highly recommend that anyone finding themselves in this dreadful position should get in touch with David."​

Julia O'Dwyer - Mother of the student Richard O'Dwyer