Our Expertise

We work for companies, employees under the umbrella of companies, and individuals.  We provide a range of advisory services in the field of US enforcement which deal with both 'prevention' and 'cure'.  We work alongside legal and other professional advisers, not in lieu of them, and our objective is simply to allow our clients to make the most informed decisions that they can.  Put simply, we can hold your hand through every single stage of the process, both in terms of prevention through training, but also from the first sign of trouble right the way through to the disaster scenario of imprisonment in the US.  Below is a selection of the services which we offer, but it is not a definitive list.




Most modern businesses will have some exposure, either direct or indirect, to the US.  Understanding what potential threats face a business can allow companies to mitigate the risks, for instance through change of behaviour or putting in place approriate internal controls. 

We run bespoke sessions for senior management and employees, focusing on Compliance.

Prevention is inevitably better than cure.





An effective communications strategy during a crisis can make an enormous difference to the ultimate outcome.  Whether the strategy is to adopt a full scale public campaign, or to keep the matter entirely out of the press will depend on a variety of different circumstances.

Used right, publicity can be a valuable weapon in your armoury.  Badly done, it can cost you dearly.







Often the first reaction to the threat of some form of US enforcement action is to panic, and consequently to do something that will make the situation worse, and in some cases intractable. 

Talking confidentially to us at an early stage can inform decision making and consequently keep open the greatest possible range of potential 'good' outcomes. 


The vast majority of matters to do with US enforcement, whether criminal or civil, are dealt with by negotiation.  Understanding how the game is played, and the nuances thereof, will inform decision-making, thereby maximising the opportunity for a positive outcome. 

The wrong approach to negotiation can make a bad situation immeasurably worse.



The UK's extradition relations with the US are a legal minefield.  Individuals faced with the prospect of extradition must first decide whether to contest it or waive their rights and travel voluntarily.  The decision one way or another can have very serious consequences.

Whilst the legal team will always have primacy in this regard, we provide confidential counselling and advice concerning the psychological and practical considerations faced by defendants, enabling individuals to make the most informed decision, tailored to their personal circumstances, and those of their families. 

Imprisonment & Repatriation


Sometimes there may be no way of avoiding imprisonment in the US.  In such circumstances, we can give a range of advice from where to be imprisoned, to how to survive whilst inside, and how to effect a timely repatriation to the UK.

The better prepared you are to go inside, the easier the experience will be.  Many very important issues to do with imprisonment and repatriation can actually be sorted out through a plea agreement, if you know what to do.  We do.