About DB Strategic Consulting


Whatever your business, there are times when things can go wrong.  Some events may be within your control.  Others may be completely outside it.  The way in which people and businesses react to a crisis or a potential crisis may define their future success or failure.  At stake can be reputation, money, and even liberty.  Determining what path to take in a crisis depends in large part on a proper understanding of the nature and extent of the problem, and the possible outcomes of any given scenario.

Founded by David Bermingham, DB Strategic Consulting operates solely within the niche of helping companies and individuals deal with the challenges posed by the US regulatory and enforcement regimes, both criminal and civil. 

Our services include but are not limited to:

Our approach is based on cold, hard, first hand experience, and the philosophy that whilst prevention is always better than cure, there are times when things happen that are genuinely outside your control, and making an informed decision as to the best way to react can be the difference between healing the wound and dying from it. 

We work discreetly and confidentially - we will never publicise our involvement in a case unless invited to do so by the client. 

We work alongside legal and professional counsel, not in place of them. 

We do not provide legal advice.  Just practical counsel based on a detailed working knowledge of the system, and the range of possible outcomes therefrom.

We have only one mission:  To secure the best possible outcome for the client from what can be a frightening and confusing situation.