Mastering the Challenges of US Enforcement

The threat of US enforcement action has never been greater for companies and individuals in the UK.  And the consequences of such action can be catastrophic.

Sometimes the best legal counsel in the world is no substitute for cold, hard, first hand experience of how the system works, because an informed decision as to how to react can be the difference between the survival of your business and its demise; between individuals being admonished or imprisoned.

Set up by David Bermingham, DB Strategic Consulting gives a unique insight into how the 'game' is played in America, and how commonly people fall into the trap of looking at a problem through the prism of UK laws and practices, with disastrous consequences. 

We have only one mission; to secure the best possible outcome for you or your employees.  We help you to make informed choices.  No other business can do what we do.  

DB Strategic Consulting offers a wide range of advisory services in and around the area of US enforcement action.  These can be divided into three broad categories:

It has never been more important for companies to be ahead of the curve on compliance, and to be seen to be so.  David Bermingham can make both senior management and employees sit up and take notice in a way that few others can.

The first reaction to a crisis can be pivotal in the ultimate outcome.  In US enforcement, it could make the difference between a company's survival and extinction. 

The threat of indictment and extradition to the US can be a terrifying experience for an individual.  We can help in a way that nobody else can.​

​Because no other business can offer the insight and experience that we do.

Because you care about your business

Because you care about your people

Because you need someone to hold your hand

Because you can't afford not to.


Click on the image to see David Bermingham talking to the BBC's Daily Politics Show about the extradition of businessman Christopher Tappin

We have helped a variety of people from CEOs to ordinary Joes.  We don't give legal advice.  We give practical advice.  We help people deal with the psychological and emotional trauma, and focus on the practical aspects of what is facing them, allowing them to make the most informed decisions possible.   


"Huge thanks to David, as without his advice Richard may well have found himself being extradited to the US"   -  Julia O'Dwyer, Mother of student Richard O'Dwyer.

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Facing the Threat of Extradition

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